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Can you name the figures from greek mytholgy?

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A. Greek god of war
B. Greek god of the north wind
C. Nymph who lived on the island of Ogygia
D. Creator of the Labyrinth
E. One of th three gorgon sisters
F. Three sisters who determine the outcome of all
G. The item Jason set out to look for
H. Greek godess of marriage, also married to Zeus
I. Fell into the sea after he flew to close to the sun and died
J. Roman god, equivilant to Zeus
K. Ffather of Hades, Posiedon and Zeus
L. Creature with the body of a woman who sucked the blood of children
M. King who everything he touched turned to gold
N. Beast with impenetrable fur, killed be Heracles
O. The hero of Homer's epic poem the Odyssey
P. Bird who was reborn from its own ashes
Q. Heres a free one. Type 'Q'
R. Mother of Posiedon and Hhades
S. Creature who used enchanting songs to lure sailors to their deaths
T. Slayer of the minotaur
U. Horse with one central horn
V. Anorther free one
W. One of the 4 horses of the apocolypse
X. One of Achilles' two horses
Y. And a final freebie
Z. King of the gods

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