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Forced Order
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What is the only name Percy can remember?
What is the name of the Gorgon who keeps offering Percy Cheese n Weiners?
What is the name of the other Gorgon?
What is the name of the old lady Percy meets on his way to Camp Jupiter?
Who does Percy meet at the entrance to Camp Jupiter?
Who is the Praetor of the camp?
What does Juno reveal to the camp?
Who is the camp augur?
Which god appears after the war games?
Who is Frank's father?
Who must Percy, Hazel, and Frank free?
Who is the god of?
What is the name of the only ship in the Roman navy?
When did Hazel die?
Who rescued Hazel from the Fields of Asphodel?
What is connected to Frank's life?
What is Percy's fatal flaw?
What is the name of the harpy they encounter on their way to Alaska?
Who wants to keep her captive?
What do Percy and Phineas bet on?
What has Ella memorized?
Who circled Grandma Zhang's house?
What is the name of Frank's skeletal warrior?

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