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QuestionAnswerCharacter Describing
Snow White is portrayed bySnow White
CounterpartSnow White
Eye ColorSnow White
Hair ColorSnow White
FatherSnow White
StepmotherSnow White
HusbandSnow White
DaughterSnow White
GrandsonSnow White
The apple she bit held this curse.Snow White
You're not ___ over men. Uh, the ___ abuse tells a different story.Snow White
She ___ an apple because she thought I was ___ then her!Snow White
Prince Charming is portrayed byPrince Charming
CounterpartPrince Charming
Eye ColorPrince Charming
Hair ColorPrince Charming
MotherPrince Charming
'Father'Prince Charming
Twin BrotherPrince Charming
WifePrince Charming
DaughterPrince Charming
GrandsonPrince Charming
Which lake did he go to to collect the water that could free Frederick?Prince Charming
Which mystical creature did he have to defeat?Prince Charming
No ___ what you do, I will ___ find you.Prince Charming
I would rather ___ then let you fill your heart with ___.Prince Charming
The Evil Queen is portrayed byEvil Queen
CounterpartEvil Queen
Eye ColorEvil Queen
Hair ColorEvil Queen
FatherEvil Queen
MotherEvil Queen
HusbandEvil Queen
StepdaughterEvil Queen
Adoptive SonEvil Queen
Love of her lifeEvil Queen
Enacted what spell?Evil Queen
What did she used for her first try?Evil Queen
What did she use for her second try?Evil Queen
Food she made for Emma's trip back to Boston. (Hint: She poisoned it!!!)Evil Queen
She grew an ___ tree in the ___ at King ___ palace.Evil Queen
Since when are ___ a threat?Evil Queen
No matter what you ___, no matter what anyone ___ you, I ___ ___ you. Evil Queen
Rumplestiltskin is portrayed ByRumplestiltskin
Eye ColorRumplestiltskin
Hair ColorRumplestiltskin
QuestionAnswerCharacter Describing
Love of his lifeRumplestiltskin
Got his power's by killing ___Rumplestiltskin
Only person he ever broke a deal with.Rumplestiltskin
He ended the ___ ___.Rumplestiltskin
Object that was taken by Regina. Only reminder of his love.Rumplestiltskin
His nickname for everyone.Rumplestiltskin
He is also known as ___Rumplestiltskin
I ___ one deal in my life ___, and it ___ wasn't this one.Rumplestiltskin
Two people with a ___ goal can ___ many things. Two people with a common ___ can accomplish even ___.Rumplestiltskin
Red Riding Hood is portrayed byRed Riding Hood
CounterpartRed Riding Hood
Eye ColorRed Riding Hood
Hair ColorRed Riding Hood
GrandmotherRed Riding Hood
Love of lifeRed Riding Hood
NicknameRed Riding Hood
Best friendRed Riding Hood
Object that keeps her from turning.Red Riding Hood
Granny shoots her with a ___ ___ ___ to stop her from injuring anyone else.Red Riding Hood
What she isRed Riding Hood
When there's something I ___, I'm good at ___ it down.Red Riding Hood
You don't ___ or ___ me yet. Hey, I, I ___ it. I just need something to ___ you.Red Riding Hood
Emma is portrayed byEmma
Eye ColorEmma
Hair ColorEmma
Other person that came from Fairy Tale Land to watch her.Emma
Age she had HenryEmma
Age she returned to Storybrooke to save everyone.Emma
Her 'superpower'Emma
Loves her hot chocolate with ___Emma
In original scripts her name was ___Emma
The fact that you have now ___ me twice in the past ___ hours makes me want to ___ even more.Emma
Now where exactly would we be ___ on this ___, ___ tour?Emma
Belle is portrayed byBelle
Eye ColorBelle
Hair ColorBelle
Love of her lifeBelle
Where Regina made her stay in Storybrooke.Belle
No one ___ my ___ but ___.Belle
If I'm never going to get to know ___ ___ in my ___ life, can I at least ___ you?Belle
Pinocchio is portrayed by (Kid)Pinocchio
QuestionAnswerCharacter Describing
Also portrayed by (Adult)Pinocchio
Eye ColorPinocchio
Hair Color (as a kid)Pinocchio
Hair Color (as an adult)Pinocchio
Created fromPinocchio
Promised to watch over ___Pinocchio
I don't ___ go! I don't ___ ___ you!Pinocchio
Grumpy is portrayed byGrumpy
Hair ColorGrumpy
Eye ColorGrumpy
Love of his lifeGrumpy
Where he meets his love to watch the fireflies.Grumpy
His name before Grumpy.Grumpy
Name he calls all femalesGrumpy
I need my ___, it makes me ___.Grumpy
Uh, Red. You've got ___ on your ___.Grumpy
Henry is portrayed byHenry
Eye ColorHenry
Hair ColorHenry
Adoptive GrandmotherHenry
Adoptive GrandfatherHenry
Adoptive MotherHenry
Number of clocks in his roomHenry
Where he lives (address)Henry
Place he was bornHenry
Code name he came up with for breaking the curse.Henry
Secret hiding placeHenry
It's ___ than just a ___.Henry
Good ___. Good ___ loses because good ___ to play ___. ___ ___.Henry
The Queen took your ___. She ___ it out. It's ___ of her ___.Henry
The Blue Fairy is portrayed byBlue Fairy
CounterpartBlue Fairy
Eye ColorBlue Fairy
Hair ColorBlue Fairy
Also know asBlue Fairy
And the translation of that name?Blue Fairy
Is she able to lie?Blue Fairy
I ___ your wish. You don't need to wish it so ___.Blue Fairy

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