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harry potter's dad is
who was killed by
whose real name is
who opened the
that had a beast inside called a
that petrified harry's good friend
who married
who sister is
who has twin brothers named
who had possesion of the secret document called the
which one of the makers was harry's third defense against the dark arts teacher
who married
who was an
which was also the profession of
who was impersonated by
who was revealed as a deatheater by
who is the headmaster of
which schooled the infamous gellert
who dueled
who won the
which was broken by
who was the leader of the secret organization
which, after harry left, was taken over by
whose parents were tortured by
who vault was broken into by
with the help of the goblin
who took this as his reward
which came to harry potter the last time by the help of
who killed
who destroyed this horcrux
which was actually the
which was hidden in a
which is catched in quidditch by the
which position, in Gryffindor, is played by
whose is the godson of
who owned headquaters for the order of the phoenix at
which was the home to the house elf
who loved his dead owner
who was in the house of
whose house leader in the seventh book was
whose favorite muggle born student was
who was the life love of
who was killed by
was was ultimatley killed by
who ended up marrying

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