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clueanswerextra hint
What are the names of the Weasley kids from oldest to youngest?there are seven of them
How did Harry's parents die?
Name the first horcrux to be destroyed
name the last horcrux to be destroyed
who makes most of the hogwartz students wands?his shop is in diagon alley and dobby rescued him later
what are non-magical beings called?
what is voldemort's real name?
What is Harry's owls name?
what is the name of the house elf that is very good to harry?
Who killed Voldemort's snake?
what is the awful word used to describe muggle born wizards?predigious pureblood familys called wizards this
Who was the last owner of the Elder Wand?
Who did Harry marry?
Who did Ron marry?
What was the name of Hagrid's half brother?He is a small giant
what are the names of harry potter's parents
what was the name of Hagrid's giant spider?
what is the name of the magical shopping area where students always buy their school supplies?you get there through the leaky cauldron
From who did Harry steal the horcrux locket?toad-like
What did Harry have scarred on his hand from Professor Umbridge?These words were cut into his hand while he wrote with 'a special quill' in Dolores's detention
Who did Voldemort tell Wormtail to kill in the Graveyard of the fourth movie?another Triwizard champ
Who did Harry want to go to the Yule Tide Ball with?a girl in Ravenclaw
What is the name of the magazine Luna Lovegood's father wrote?
Who impersonated Alastor Moody for the whole fourth year?
name the deathly hallow hidden in a snitch
Whose vault did Harry break into at Gringotts?for a horcrux
What were Voldemort's followers called?
What type of animal did Hermonie own?it chased Ron's pet alot
Name the house of hogwarts that regulus black belonged to
who was the 1st D.A.D.A teacher?D.A.D.A.=defense againt the dark arts Voldemort lived on the back of his head
who was the 2nd D.A.D.A. teacher?has a good smile:)
who was the 3rd D.A.D.A. teacher?werewolf
who was the 4th D.A.D.A. teacher?impersonated
who was the 5th D.A.D.A. teacher?evil, toad-like
clueanswerextra hint
who was the 6th D.A.D.A.teacher?always wanted this position
who was the 7th D.A.D.A. teacher?deatheaters/told students to use the Cruciatus curse on bad students
who was the best headmaster of Horgwartz?
what was Hagrid's dog's name?
what is the name of the creatures that guard azkaban?you would use a patronus to keep them off
what type of magical creature runs Gringotts?
Which goblin helped Harry break into Gringotts?was on the run like Harry
What did Professor Trelawny always predict that would happen to Harry?
What was Harry's cousin named?he was not nice to harry
Who did harry actually see in the piece of sirius's mirror?
who cursed off George's ear?a deatheater
what is the best drink in the wizarding world?the students enjoy it in hogsmeade
who were draco malfoy's two sidekicks?his two friends that were just as evil as he was
What were the magical creatures called that were invisible to anyone who had not seen death?pulled the carriages to Hogwartz
what is the name of the room that would provide everything you needed?dumbledore's army used the is room
Who became the minister of magic after Voldemort took over the ministry?
what reveals all magic enchantments on people deep in Gringotts if they are disguised?has to do with water
Which teacher told the students to get a book that bit everything and tried to attack you?also the teacher that introduced them to Buckbeak the Hiffogryff
What is the wizard game that ron is very good at?in a giant form was also a barrier for the sorcerer's stone
what is the wizard sport harry and ron both played? played on broomsticks
What is the position harry plays in quidditch?
What was the Quidditch team Ron liked?his room was also decorated for them
Who was Percy Weasley's girlfriend?she was petrified by the baskilisk and she was also a prefect
What were the names of the two boys that loved and followed around Harry?younger students
What was the magical creature that the Quibbler obsessed over?we are not sure if they are real or not
What was the curse that Ron tried to use against Draco after he called Hermonie a mudblood?the spell actually rebounded and hit ron
what is the name of the joke shop the students of hogwarts loved to go into?in diagon alley
what is the name of the small wizard inn that leads into diagon alley?
who did snape love?
what was snape's patronus?
what happened to neville's parents?a deatheater did it
who is griffyndors ghost?
who is slytherins ghost?
who is hufflepuffs ghost?
clueanswerextra hint
who is ravenclaws ghost? she knew where the diadem was
What is the name of the magic gift neville got from his grandmother?it helped you remember things
who inherited the HQ for the order of the phoenix after sirius?
what is the name of the magical creature that was in a tank in the corner of professor lupin's office the first time harry potter visited his officelupin asked harry this same question to make sure it was him in the fifth year
what is albus dumbledore's full name?
what is the name of the sister of albus and aberforth?she died at a young age
what are the names of the two other big wizarding schools?hogwartz and these two competed in the triwizard competition
who was the woman who was very close to the dumbledores growing up?voldemort's snake transformed into her to trick harry and hermonie
what is the magical creature that can turn into your worst fear?used by lupin in his class
what is the name of the weasley's house?
what word does harry potter use to describe himself to the muggle waitress?in the sub station cafe
what is the name of the nurse at Hogwarts?
what charm does Hermione cast on her purse?
what is the first trial on the way to the sorcerer's stone?music calmes it
what plant looks like a strange baby and has a very high pitched cry when you uproot it?
which teacher is the head of griffyndor?
which teacher is the head of hufflepuff?
which teacher is the head of ravenclaw?
which teacher is the head of slytherin for most of the time?left this post to become headmaster
harry kept thinking he saw the grim because whom?he actually did see a sort of an animal but what or who was it?
what kind of beast protected the chamber of secrets?
how did this beast travel through hogwarts?
what is peter pettigrew's nickname?
what is remus lupin's nickname?
what is james potter's nickname?
what is sirius black's nickname?
who rides the flying motorcycle?
who brags about winning witch weekly's most charming smile award?
which hogwarts class does the teacher of get killed by voldemort?at malfoy manner
what is the name of voldemort's snake?
what is the name of filch's cat?
what is the name of the ball that the chasers chase and handle?also used to score
who is the best character?:DHE IS BEAST:)

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