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HintAnswerExtra Information
A- Hannah Longbottom's surnameHannah Abott marries Neville
B- Impersonated MoodyKilled Barty Crouch Sr.
C- Class for teaching spellsTaught by Flitwick
D- The fat son of VernonAlso son of Petunia
E- What the Sorcerer's Stone producesWhat Voldemort wants
F- Grumpy old janitorWho is crazy about his cat Mrs. Norris
G- Type of creature that runs GringottsThey feel angered by wizards
H- Ghost that reveals the diadem's locationShe also told Tom
I- Headmaster of DursmstrangImprisoned by Barty Crouch Sr.
J- Harry's birthmonthJuly 31st to be exact
K- AVADA ________The Killing Curse
L- Spell that ignites lightUsed often in dark places
M- The hobo who steals from Sirius BlackFlies with Moody when Moody dies
HintAnswerExtra Information
N- Student whose parents were torturedWho now lives with is grandmother, Augusta
O- Gryffindor's team captainUntil, that is, he graudates
P- The sister of Lily EvansHarry's only living relative
Q- Popular wizard sportChaser, Seeker, Beater, Keeper
R- Tom Marvolo _____Also known as Voldemort
S- The house for evil studentsSeverus Snape is the head of the house
T- The charm on Voldemort's name that gives away your locationWhich helped the Death Eaters capture the trio
U- The three most evil cursesAvada Kedavra, Cruciatus,and Imperious
V- One of the Triwizard championsWho goes to the Yule Ball with Hermione
W- The codename for PettigrewHis Animagus is a rat.
X- Editor of the QuibblerFather of Luna Lovegood
Y- A celebration for ChristmasCelebrated in the Triwizard Tournament
Z- Fred and George's favorite storeWhere you get your Dungbombs

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