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Pizza delivery for...
What is the saying that Leela quotes from a poster in her office in 'Space Pilot 3000?'
What is the name of the mascot for the amusement park on the Moon?
When trying to find an new apartment, Fry and Bender visit one derived from a painting from what artist?
Zapp Brannigan is a captain for what galactic organization?
What does this acronym from #5 stand for?
The title of the episode 'Fear of a Bot Planet' is a spoof of an album from what artist?
In the story of the grasshopper and the octopus, the octopus also got a...
What class does Fry sign up for at Mars U?
The lovely couple that rules Omicron Persei 8
Who is the original party worm?
The sewer mutants' library is filled with nothing but crumpled-up pornos and...
What reason does Zapp give for the mutiny against Leela in 'Brannigan, Begin Again?'
What is the best use for mutated anthrax?
Zoidberg will never get a mate, not with a puny claw like that. Did you see those other guys? They were like...
The crew has to deliver a single atom of what element in 'The Lesser of Two Evils?'
Where is the 6:10 headed to on Valentine's Day?
Name one of the fighters that Bender faces in the Ultimate Robot Fighting League
What is Alkazar's true form?
Professor Farnsworth is taken away to what space station by the Sunset Squad?
Who is the replacement beaurucrat for Hermes while he's on vacation?
The mermaid that Fry sees had a tube top and...
'Hey, this guy's strong, like an Ox! Let's call him...
What toy caused Hubert and Mom to break up?
What is the name of those frozen rocky mountain oysters?
Stay tuned for more...
What is the name of the ham-flavored chewing gum that Fry buys?
According to Fry, there's no such thing as what digit?
What is the name of Fry's on and off again girlfriend of the past 1000 years?
Now we know why they call Zapp, 'The..
What must the crew tickle in order to remove the worms from Fry in 'Parasites Lost?'
Where is Santa's Death Fortress located?
In what album did Fry hide his seven leaf clover?
Who leads Penguins Unlimited?

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