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HintShort form (acronym)
Access Control List
Analog-to-Digital Converter
Automatic Document Feeder
Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line
Accelerated Graphics Port
Audio Interchange File Format
American National Standards Institute
Application Program Interface
Address Resolution Protocol
American Standard Code for Information Interchange
Advanced Technology Attachment
Asynchronous Transfer Mode
Beginner's All-purpose Symbolic Instruction Code
Blind Carbon Copy
Basic Input/Output System
Binary Large Object
Computer-Aided Design
Carbon Copy
Charged Coupled Device
Compact Disc
Compact Disc Recordable
Compact Disc Read-Only Memory
Compact Disc Re-Writable
Complementary Metal Oxide Semiconductor
Cyan Magenta Yellow Black
Cost Per Click
Cost Per Lead
Classroom Performance System
Central Processing Unit
Cathode Ray Tube
Cascading Style Sheet
Composite Theoretical Performance
Click-Through Rate
Digital-to-Analog Converter
Database Management System
Double Data Rate
Double Data Rate 2
Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol
Dual In- Line Memory Module
Dynamic Link Library
Direct Memory Access
Domain Name System
Disk Operating System
Dots Per Inch
Dynamic Random Access Memory
Digital Rights Management
Digital Subscriber Line
Digital Video
Digital Versatile Disc
Digital Versatile Disc Recordable
Digital Versatile Disk Rewritable
Digital Video Interface
Digital Video Recorder
Error Correction Code
Frequently Asked Questions
First In, First Out
Fiber Optic Service
File Transfer Protocol
Graphics Interchange Format
Geographic Information Systems
Global Positioning System
Graphics Processing Unit
Graphical User Interface
Globally Unique Identifier
High-Definition Multimedia Interface
High Definition Televsion
High-Definition Video
HintShort form (acronym)
Heat Sink and Fan
Hyper-Text Markup Language
HyperText Transfer Protocol
HyperText Transport Protocol Secure
Internet Connection Firewall
Internet Control Message Protocol
Internet Connection Sharing
Integrated Device Electronics or Integrated Development Environment
Integrated Graphics Processor
Instant Message
Internet Message Access Protocol
Internet Network Information Center
Internet Protocol
Internetwork Packet Exchange
Industry Standard Architecture
International Organization for Standardization
Internet Service Provider
Information Technology
Joint Photographic Experts Group
Java Runtime Environment
Java Server Page
Kilobits Per Second
Keyboard, Video, and Mouse Switch
Local Area Network
Liquid Crystal Display
Lightweight Directory Access Protocol
Last In, First Out
Lines Per Inch
Logical Unit Number
Media Access Control Address
Mobile Ad Hoc Network
Megabits Per Second
Micro Channel Architecture
Musical Instrument Digital Interface
MPEG-1 Audio Layer-3
Moving Picture Experts Group
Maximum Transmission Unit
Network Address Translation
Network Basic Input/Output System
Network Interface Card
Network Operations Center
New Technology File System
Organization for the Advancement of Structured Information Standards
Optical Character Recognition
Open Database Connectivity
Original Equipment Manufacturer
Online Analytical Processing
Object Linking and Embedding
Object-Oriented Programming
Open Shortest Path First
Peer To Peer OR Point to Point
Personal Computer
Printed Circuit Board
Peripheral Component Interconnect
Peripheral Component Interconnect Extended
Personal Computer Memory Card International Association
Personal Digital Assistant
Portable Document Format
Hypertext Preprocessor
Personal Information Manager
Power Management Unit
Portable Network Graphic
Post Office Protocol3
Pay Per Click
Plastic Pin Grid Array
Pixels Per Inch
Pay Per Lead
HintShort form (acronym)
Pages Per Minute
Point to Point Protocol
Point-to-Point Tunneling Protocol
Parameter Random Access Memory
Personal System/2
Query By Example
Redundant Array of Independent Disks
Random Access Memory
Resource Description Framework
Rambus Dynamic Random Access Memory
Red Green Blue
Reduced Instruction Set Computing
Read-Only Memory
Remote Desktop
Rotations Per Minute
Runtime Environment
Rich Text Fomat
Storage Area Network
Serial Advanced Technology Attachment
Small Computer System Interface
Secure Digital
Synchronous Dynamic Random Access Memory
Search Engine Optimization
Single In-Line Memory Module
Stock Keeping Unit
Scalable Link Interface
Self-Monitoring Analysis And Reporting Technology
Server Message Block
Short Message Service
Simple Mail Transfer Protocol
Simple Network Management Protocol
Small Outline Dual In-Line Memory Module
Service Oriented Architecture
Simple Object Access Protocol
Structured Query Language
Static Random Access Memory
Standard Red Green Blue
Secure Shell
Service Set Identifier
Secure Sockets Layer
Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol
Thin-Film Transistor
Tagged Image File Format
Time To Live
Toolkit Without An Informative Name
User Datagram Protocol
Unified Modeling Language
Universal Naming Convention
Universal Plug and Play
Uninterruptible Power Supply
Uniform Resource Identifier
Uniform Resource Locator
Universal Serial Bus
Virtual File Allocation Table
Video Graphics Array
Virtual Learning Environment
Voice Over Internet Protocol
Virtual Private Network
Video Random Access Memory
Wide Area Information Server
Wide Area Network
Wired Equivalent Privacy
Wireless Fidelity
Wi-Fi Protected Access
World Wide Web
Extensible Markup Language
Year 2000
Zero Insertion Force

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