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Name the place/country from the given clAnswer
The Tour de France ends here
Let's Visit the Airbus Head Quarters!
Tiki Taka your way to..
Sigh down standing on this bridge
The Land of the Magical Magyars
R.I.P Ayrton Senna and Roland Ratzenberger
Rome in Africa
A movie and a city towards the west
Didier Drogba, Yaya Toure represent..
They called it the Gold Coast, but you get great cocoa here
From here go by car to CAR
The whole world witnessed it here in 1994
Nkosi Sikelel i Afrika!!!
Keep going south!! (Continent)
All Blacks, Black Caps, Black Sticks
Hang your coat on a... (a famous landmark in this city!)
A stepping stone towards the land of a billion people!
It's not Hollywood, it's Bollywood baby!!
From one land of a billion to another
The Snipers of .....
Name the place/country from the given clAnswer
The country ruled by a KIM
(Precious Gem) Harbour
Born in the..... I was born in the....
El Pueblo de Nuestra Senora la Reina de.. del Rio de Porciuncula
Come Rich, Leave Richer(or Poorer)
Power Centre of the World
It's windy out here
The twins still stand tall here in our minds!!
America's nearest enemy in the 1961
Country, Capital, Canal have the same name
Exponents of the Jogo Bonita come from here(Think sports)
Coffee is one of the good things its known for
Long but narrow!!!
There sure is a silver lining in its name!!
Cross the Atlantic and reach an island which use to rule the world
In this city, one side is Red, the other Blue
World War II's greatest rescue op!!
Obama said, 'Yes we....
Getting closer to the end!! Now just complete the football team Stade ....
We are here!! Make your way to the Champ-Elysses in... to end your journey

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