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Can you name the animated movies based on hints below?

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Every time a lie is told, a nose is getting bigger.
A prince goes all over town to find the perfect fit.
A house in the air with only balloons.
Two mammals share spaghetti and meatballs.
A young boy believes in never growing up.
Toys come to life when their owner leaves the room.
A Chinese girl dresses up as a man to win a war for her country.
A deer who has lost his mother makes his way through life with help of a joyful bunny.
A clownfish teams up with a forgetful fish to look for his lost son.
A girl runs away from home to live with seven small men.
A beautiful girl who loves to read falls in love with a beast.
After a lion is tricked into believing he killed his father, he travels around with two friends and in the end saves the day.
A boy finds a dragon who he begins to teach and care for.
A girl is cursed by an evil fairy and can only be woken by true loves kiss.
Monsters roam the halls with a job of scaring children.
A mermaid makes a deal to trade her voice for human legs.
A poor man falls in love with a rich girl and takes her on magic carpet rides.
A young Native American girl risks her life for a English settler.
101 black and white dogs are threatened to be kidnapped by an evil lady.
A young chicken believes the sky is falling.

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