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QUIZ: Can you name the Can You Finish The Lyrics To These Fall Out Boy songs.?

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LyricFinished LyricAlbum
Breaking hearts has never looked so coolTake This to Your grave
I'm the first kid to write of hearts, lies, and friendsFrom Under the Cork Tree
Been looking forward to the futureInfinity on High
It feels like fourteen carats but no clarityFolie a Deux
And I read about the afterlifeTake This to Your Grave
There's a drug in the thermostat to warm the room upFrom Under the Cork Tree
Kissed teeth stained red From a sour bottle baby girlInfinity on High
I'm cocktail party doing all rightFolie a Deux
The only thing you'll get is this curse on your lipsTake This to Your Grave
I'll be stuck fixated on one starFrom Under the Cork Tree
LyricFinished LyricAlbum
At night we're painting your trash gold while you sleepInfinity on High
Oh take a chance let your body get a toleranceFolie a Deux
I could be an accident but I'm still tryingTake This to Your Grave
I'll weigh you down I'll watch you chokeFrom Under the Cork Tree
Sometimes we take chances, sometimes we take pillsInfinity on High
They say the captain goes down with the shipFolie a Deux
A rivalry goes so deepTake This to Your Grave
I used to waste my time dreaming of being alive From Under the Cork Tree
We do it in the dark with smiles on our facesInfinity on High
But I don't know much about classic carsFolie a Deux

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