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Definition or ClueAnswerLetter
Blood vessel that conveys bloodA
Type of Jewelry or pinB
Official Seal or a sign of approvalC
Bleak or very SadD
An exitE
Animal similar to a weasel, sometimes a petF
Grumpy personG
A Break or VacationH
Obstruct or HinderI
Wild dog native to AfricaJ
Responsible for field goals in footballK
Organism composed of fungi and algaeL
To be fatalM
Definition or ClueAnswerLetter
A subtle differenceN
Unpleasant and StubbornO
Flexible or easily bendibleP
a MineralQ
a class of mammals including miceR
a knight's servantS
an involuntary shakingT
a small boy or an ocean animalU
A Feudal landlordV
Xmas ornament hung on your doorW
Character from BuffyX
Being in that place or over thereY
A Gentle wind or breezeZ

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