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Definiton or HintWordLetter
Detest or HateA
Move or Begin to MoveB
a Small lightweight BoatC
Wild dog of AustraliaD
A wading birdE
A boat to carry people across a riverF
A person who leads travelersG
Large group or crowdH
Fluids from the veins of a godI
Beams for support of a floorJ
Musical instrument played with the mouthK
Mythical female demon or vampireL
Imitate or ApeM
a mythical maidenN
16 = 1 poundO
An outdoor sitting area or lanaiP
a Middle eastern countyQ
a Card gameR
Half man/ half goat creatureS
Large feline native to AsiaT
Earthy brown pigmentU
Poison from a snakeV
Value or importanceW
a Noble gasX
a gossiping womanY
county now known as Democratic republic of CongoZ

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