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Forced Order
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What would Harry rather take on than have to find a date for the Yule ball?
Who is Voldemort's Mother?
Who is accused of the deaths of the Riddle family?
What animal is Hermione's cat (partially)?
In the 4th movie, Neville gives Harry the gillyweed for the 2nd task. Who gives him the plant in the book?
What does Dumbledore tell Harry he sees himself holding in the mirror?
What was Dumbledore's current need when he found the Room of Requirement?
The potion Felix Felicis is also known as...?
What spell does Hermione cast on Cormac to make him bad a quidditch tryouts?
What spell did Harry use to make the Death Eaters recognize him?
What are the dragons in Gringotts so afraid of?
The Whomping Willow is a secret entrance to what?
Fred and George nicked the Marauders Map from Filch's office in what year?
What animal is Aragog?
Where does Harry first meet (most of) the Weasley family?
Where does Harry end up when he first travels by Floo Powder?
Gilderoy Lockhart's best known for his...?
Who spoke Parsletongue at the end of the 7th book?
What destroyed the diadem in the 7th book?
When Harry and Dumbledore vist Slughorn, what red substance do they see on the walls?
When Dudley counts his presents in the 1st book, he's upset because he had less than 'last year'. How many did he get 'last year'?
Quirrell says the troll is in the _____. Harry and Ron find it in the _______.
Hogwart's motto is 'Draco Dormiens Nunquam Titillandus'. What does this mean?
Moaning Myrtle was in the bathroom when she died because she was being teased about her glasses. Who teased her?
What was Hagrid doing in Knockturn Alley when he rescued Harry?
When Harry uses the resurrection stone, who does he see (besides his parents)?
The snitch says 'I open at the close'. What does Harry say to open it?
When Professor Trelawney is fired, who becomes the new divination teacher?
Viktor Krum tells Harry that the symbol Xenophilius wears is who's symbol?
Before Harry became the true master of the Elder wand, who did he have to disarm?

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