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The only female character to appear in every Tekken game
The first game to be released for PSP
The fighting style of Hwoarang
The name of Jin Kazama's mother
The fighting style of Marshall Law
The iteration of Jack to appear in Tekken 3
Ling Xiaoyu's best friend
The name of Nina William's action-adventure spin-off game
The secret character selected via Eddy Gordo in Tekken 3
The name of Marshall Law's son
The character who performs the command Slap U Silly
The name of Nina William's son
The name of Lili's butler
Lei Wulong is an homage to this martial artist
Name a character that is Australian
The English translation of the name Mokujin
The country from which King hails from
The side-scrolling mini game first introduced in Tekken 3
The mother of Julia Chang
This character was expelled from the Manji Clan by Yoshimtsu
The fighting style of Bryan Fury
Marshall Law is an homage to this martial artist

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