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Can you name the piercing names?

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Point of the nose 
Through the nasal septum (middle of the nose) 
One piercing in each nostril, with a septum piercing, connected by one barbell 
Through the ear's innermost cartilage fold 
Through the fold of cartilage between the inner and outer conch 
Through the little nub in front of the ear canal 
Two or more piercings joined by one barbell 
Two piercings connected by a single ring 
Philtrum (central upper lip) 
Vertical piercing through the upper lip 
Upper lip frenulum (through the webbing underneath the centre of the upper lip) 
Labrum (below the bottom lip) 
Labrum piercing, but placed low as possible inside the lip 
Lower lip frenulum (through the webbing that sits central on the lower lip) 
One bead sitting on top of the lip while the other end is inside the mouth 
Paired side-by-side off-centre tongue piercings 
Upper lip, like a 'beauty mark' 
Each side of the upper lip 
Each side of the lower lip 
Philtrum and labrum 
Two piercings placed together on one side of the lower lip 
Three studs on the side of the lower lip 
Above the eyebrows 
Horizontally through the fleshy part between the eyes above or at nose level 
Just below the tongue (inside the jawline), straight down, and out the bottom under the chin 
Jugular notch (base of neck) 
A single piece of jewelry passes in and out of the skin multiple times 
A series of rings laced together 
Through the finger 
Through the outer edge of the hand 
Between the achilles tendon and the ankle 

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