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Can you name the drivers who missed GPs for medical reasons?

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Year/TeamDriverCause of absence
2017/Sauberneck injury (ROC accident)
2016/McLarenrib injury (F1 accident, Melbourne)
2015/Williamsback injury (F1 incident, Melbourne)
2015/McLarenconcussion (F1 testing accident, Barcelona)
2013/Lotusback surgery
2011/Sauberconcussion (F1 accident, Monaco)
2010/HRTfood poisoning
2009/Ferrarihead injury (F1 accident, Hungaroring)
2009/Toyotacracked vertebra (F1 accident, Suzuka)
2007/BMW-Sauberconcussion (F1 accident, Montreal)
2005/McLarenshoulder injury (tennis accident)
2005/Williamsheadache/cracked shoulder blade (F1 testing accident, Monza/cycling accident)
2005/Toyotaprecautionary (F1 accident, Indianapolis)
2004/Williamsconcussion/spinal fractures (F1 accident, Indianapolis)
2003/Williamsconcussion (F1 testing accident, Monza)
2003/Jordanconcussion/heel injury (F1 accident, Hungaroring)
2002/Toyotaknee injury (F1 accident, Suzuka)
2002/Jordanprecautionary (F1 accident, Magny-Cours)
2001/Jordanheadache/concussion (F1 accident, Monaco)
1999/Ferraribroken leg (F1 accident, Silverstone)
1999/Minardiwrist injury (F1 testing accident, Fiorano)
1999/BARfoot injury (F1 accident, Interlagos)
1997/Prostbroken legs (F1 accident, Montreal)
1997/Benettonsinus problems
1997/Sauberbroken arm (F1 testing accident, Magny-Cours)
1995/Tyrrellstrained neck (F1 accident, Estoril)
1995/McLarenhead injuries (F1 accident, Adelaide)
Year/TeamDriverCause of absence
1994/Benettonfractured neck (F1 testing accident, Silverstone)
1994/Sauberhead injury (F1 accident, Monaco)
1994/Ferrariback injury (F1 testing accident, Mugello)
1994/Lotusmultiple fractures (F1 testing accident, Silverstone)
1993/Lotushead injury (F1 accident, Spa)
1992/Minardiback injury (F1 accident, Magny-Cours)
1992/Ligierconcussion (F1 accident, Spa)
1991/Larroussebroken ankle (F1 accident, Suzuka)
1991/Arrowsbroken jaw (road accident)
1990/Arrowsfoot injury (F1 accident, Estoril)
1990/Arrowsshoulder injury (cycling accident)
1990/BMS Scuderia Italiahepatitis
1989/Arrowsback injury (karting accident)
1989/AGSLegionnaires' disease
1989/Ferraribroken ribs/burns (F1 accident. Imola)
1988/Williamschicken pox
1988/Marchbroken foot (F1 accident, Detroit)
1987/Williamsneck/back injury (F1 accident, Suzuka)
1987/Williamsconcussion/ankle (F1 accident, Imola)
1985/McLarenwrist injury (F1 accident, Spa)
1984/Renaultbroken leg (F1 accident, Monaco)
1984/Osellafuel burns (F1, Kyalami)
1984/Tyrrellbroken ankles/feet (F1 accident, Dallas)
1982/Lotuswrist injury (F1 accident, Montreal)
1982/Arrowsbroken feet (F1 testing accident, Kyalami)
1980/McLarenbroken wrist (F1 accident, Kyalami)
1980/ATSbroken ankles (F1 accident, Kyalami)
1980/Arrowsneck injury (F1 accident, Österreichring)
1979/Ligierbroken leg (hang gliding accident)
Year/TeamDriverCause of absence
1978/Surteeshead injuries (F1 accident, Monza)
1976/Ferrariburns (F1 accident, Nürburgring)
1975/Williamsankle injuries (F1 accident, Nürburgring)
1975/Embassy Racingbroken legs (F1 accident, Montjuich)
1975/Copersucarhand injury (F1 accident, Österreichring)
1974/Makiankle injuries (F1 accident, Nürburgring)
1973/BRMbroken wrist (F1 accident, Nürburgring)
1972/Ferraribroken arm (football/soccer accident)
1971/Williamsunspecified injuries (F1 accident, Mosport)
1971/Lotusunspecified injuries (road car accident)
1970/McLarenburns (Indy 500 accident)
1969/Lotusbroken legs (F1 accident, Watkins Glen)
1969/Lotusconcussion/broken jaw (F1 accident, Montjuich)
1968/Tyrrellwrist injury (F2 accident, Jarama)
1968/Ferraribroken leg (F1 accident, Mont-Tremblant)
1966/BRMbroken shoulder, cracked rib (F1 accident, Spa)
1966/privately entered Cooperbroken leg (F1 accident, Nürburgring)
1965/Ferraribroken leg and other injuries (CanAm accident, Mosport)
1964/BRPknee injury (F1 accident, Monaco)
1963/Ferrariknee injury (F1 accident, Reims)
1961/Lotusbroken leg (F1 accident, Monaco)
1960/BRParm injury (F1 accident, Oporto)
1960/Rob Walkerbroken legs (F1 accident, Spa)
1958/Ferraribroken leg (F1 accident, Monza)
1955/Mercedes-Benzbroken pelvis/thigh (F1 accident, Monaco)
1952/Maseratibroken neck (non-championship F1 accident/Monza)
1950/Maseratiburns (F1 accident, Monaco)
1950/Maseratibroken wrist (F1 accident, Monaco)

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