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Can you name the hardstyle artists described here?

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Forced Order
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This man uses sound waves to detect objects under water
This man learns us the ultimate truth
Too bad these creatures can't visit AA-meetings
They move animals downhill
Always looking for new employees
This man is schizophrenic and his different personalities don't like eachother
This duo consists of a man of the law standing at a steep slope
His A-side is on the back
This young man suffers from atomic decay
An explosive duo
This man will demolish you and your house
Did you hear what Max did? This guy made him do it
Should be in a house for the criminally insane
This man doesn't have a free will, he's programmed
This act includes its own representative
They fully understand the essence of hardstyle
They will limit the number of decibels
They went into the witness protection program
This man is a cyber criminal
To Alpha
Alpha Alpha
This man is a baseball player
They will start the threevolution
These guys learned what syllables are (but still one didn't get it right)
This man can't be tamed
This man may look cute but in fact is a predator
This man can only imagine his vocal cords reaching a low D#
When the enemy is at our gates, he's our first defense
They'll take care of the low frequencies
This man is like that Jersey Shore show, but contains less muscles
They will spread their believes
This man is one laid-back surfer dude

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