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DefinitionWordWord Bank
referring to words and language that were once common but now are not; ancienta
informal words used by a particular class/group; a secret languagea
mental associations suggested by a word that go beyond its literal meaningc
exact meaning of a wordd
an expression that means something that is not obvious by looking at the individual wordsi
special vocab used by people in the same fieldj
the study of historical changes in the meaning of wordss
highly informal languages
conforming to established usage; commonly used and accepted as an authoritys
normal spoken language of a country/region that is different from their learned languagev
group refusal to not use a product or serviceb
to stir to action or awarenessg
jolly, friendlyj
paving material made of layers of pebblesm
a person who is nonconformist in his groupm
a person who others depend on for guidancem
someone who is the source of punishment; an unbeatable rivaln
a very long, wandering journeyo
impractical, unrealisticq
to torment by presenting something desirable when it is out of reacht
mild, dull (often pertaining to food)b
having to do with the kitchenc
very tasty, extremely good tastingd
to eat very greedily and quicklyd
able to be eaten safelye
a person who has refined tastes in food/drinke
a small bit of foodm
an adjective describing a sharp smell or tastep
to drink heartilyq
extremely hungryr
underhanded; deceiving; leaving the right pathd
willful deception by acting in two different waysd
false; not true f
easily deceivedg
doing something that you are against; insincereh
to pretend to be; to wear a disguise; a costume partym
open; apparento
having a good reputation; honorabler
truthfulness; reliability; honesty; accuracyv
to see or look at; to gaze atb
sharpness in seeing hidden things, distinguishing between things, or choosingd
to picture in the minde
to see or know beforehandf
to stare in amazement with mouth openg
one's personal response to art; a style of paintingi
an ability to see the bigger picturei
shortsightedness; nearsightednessm
to be very aware of things, conditions, and circumstancesp
to look at broadly or carefully; a test given to many people to get widespread datas
internationally sophisticatedc
the study of how politics relate to geographyg
unwise; foolishi
a large space made up of several large cities and their surrounding areasm
relating to an important citym
a rule, principle, or plan that a group/person followsp
an informal word for a politicianp
the residential area around a citys
the city; relating to the city; like a cityu
sophisticated; politeu
DefinitionWordWord Bank
covering completely and broadlyc
a scarcity or lackd
the amount something falls short byd
testing all possibilitiese
to refillr
not normala
customary; conforming to most standardsc
an unusual habit/mannerism of a personi
adhering to commonly accepted traditionso
an action that can be used as an example for subsequent similar casesp
common p
ordinary, lacking in imaginationp
charmingly old-fashionedq
something rarer
out of the ordinarys
having two or more possible interpretations; vaguea
to puzzleb
coiled or twisted; complicatedc
a situation that makes one choose between two optionsd
something/one that is hard to figure oute
very complex or detailedi
a maze or network of passagesl
a state of uncertainty or doubtq
able to be solveds
a strategyt
to bring up, often for the first timeb
to assemble, usually formallyc
the beginning of a career or other course of action, an actor's first stage appearanced
to set out on a venturee
to cause or createg
in an early stage; just beginningi
the ability to begin or follow through with a plan or taski
a creative acti
a beginnern
an act or offer that indicates readiness to undertake a course of actiono
the act of stoppingc
to startc
to prevent or discourage from actingd
to limit or prevent free movement; a basket to put clothes inh
an obstacleo
to make impossiblep
to put offp
to scurrys
to sink to a lower or more normal level s
to frustrate or blockt
put together from various partsc
one's usual temperamentd
a representative or interpreter; a superscript by a number indicating how many times the number should be multiplied by itselfe
a person who pretends to be someone elsei
placement side by side or close togetherj
the condition of being against; a rivalo
a proposalp
to set forth for considerationp
a storage place, usually a safe oner
an assumptions
DefinitionWordWord Bank
able to be measured or estimateda
width of an objectb
large in quantityc
huge; extremely largeg
unable to be countedi
exceeding reasonable limitsi
amounting to very littlen
a short supplyp
a small salary or amount of moneyp
to multiply, increase, or spread quicklyp
tiny blood vessels that connect arteries to small veins c
to deprive someone of strengthe
an outbreak of a contagious disease that spreads rapidlye
the outer layer of skine
a physical disabilityi
a disease, ailment, or disorderm
something that nourishesn
extreme palenessp
likely to be stricken or infecteds
having a strong tendency to cause harmv
to cause to decay or declineb
a violent upheaval or disasterc
to destroy a large part ofd
the process of decayingd
widespread destruction; chaosh
to damagem
to wipe out; to eliminate completelyo
to make into a powder by pounding or crushingp
foul from standing stills
very skilleda
a talent or natural abilitya
shrewd in judgementa
skill in using the handsd
refinement of performance or workmanshipf
a creative stimulusi
having unusual mental development at an early agep
a person who is exceptionally gifted at a young agep
capable of using only available toolsr
one skilled in the technique of an artv
vain; convinced that one is better than everyone elsea
respect; favorable regarde
to display or feel triumphant and spiteful delightg
the quality of being humbleh
having a moderate estimation of one's own talents or accomplishementsm
characterized by an exaggerated show of dignity or self importancep
to struts
to boast or bragv
an evaluation or estimation of the nature or quality of somethinga
a standard or test on which a decision can be madec
deserving praisem
not immediately obviouss
a statement of obvious trutht
to verifyv

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