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Can you name the the famous people or things who were known as Dr.__________?

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Forced Order
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Famous TV doctor played by Richard Chamberlain
Rapper, co-owner of Death Row Records
Radio DJ who played weird music
Pen name of Theodore Geisel
Boris Pasternak title chracter
Performed first heart transplant
Famous advocite of assisted suicide
Famous soda
Famous Childcare author and vulcan namesake
Beatles song
James Bond movie
TV personality; famous counselor
TV doctor on discovery health
Segment on ESPN NCAAF halftime show featuring Lou Holtz
African Explorer in South Africa
Another side of Mr. Hyde
His clone was caled Mini Me
Foot products
Famous NBA player for Nets and 76ers
Famous Kiss song
Famous British fiction television serier star
1983 movie starring Dan Akroyd
Famous civil rights leader
He could talk to the animals
Sherlock holmes Sidekick

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