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Name comes fromElement
the Greek for 'colour'
the Russian scientist who invented the periodic table
a famous German/Swiss/American theoretical physicist
the Latin for 'sky/heavenly blue', the colour of the lines in its spectrum which led to its discovery
the Greek for 'water producer'
a mineral containing it, which was itself named for a Russian mining engineer
the Greek for 'violet', the colour of the element as a gas
the Greek name for the moon and the goddess of the moon
the Latin name for Paris, the birthplace of its discoverer
the planet discovered eight years earlier by William Herschel
the Roman messenger of the gods
the Spanish for 'little/lesser silver'
the German city where it was first synthesised
an asteroid/dwarf planet discovered two years earlier, which was itself named for a Roman goddess
the Greek for 'acid producer'
Name comes fromElement
the Latin name for the region of northern Europe where it was discovered
the American city where it was first synthesised
the Latin for 1-1-8
a Greek mythological character who stole fire from the gods to give to mankind
the Latin for 'ray', because of its radioactivity
the Greek/Latin for 'which is from Cyprus'
the Greek for 'artificial'
the Greek for 'inactive'
the Norse god of thunder
the Latin name for Copenhagen, where it was discovered
a famous married pair of scientists who worked on radioactivity
a Swedish inventor who founded a group of famous prizes
the Greek name for the sun
the Greek for 'hidden'
the Latin name for the homeland of its discoverer, Clemens Winkler

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