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Can you name the words that go in the blanks of these memes (source - knowyourmeme.com)?

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HintBlank fill
My ____ is Boxxy
____ Cat
___ Intruder
Come at me ___
Tiger ___
The most __________ man in the world
I'm not bi-polar, I'm bi-_______
Do you like _______?
Just got ____ rolled
Come to the dark side, we have _______
All your base are ______ to us
I ___ what you did there
In ______ russia
Keep ____ and carry on
Robot _____ Attack
You're doing it _____
Can't hug every ___
Vancouver ____ kiss
HintBlank fill
First world ________
Deal ____ it
______ the Unicorn
I am not a _____
Push button, receive _____
Snape kills __________
Luke, I am your ______
Why so _______?
Chuck Norris _____
Peanut Butter Jelly ____
You have ____ of dysentery
I is firing mah _____
The _____ bear song
Leave ______ alone
______ Rainbow
Let me ______ that for you
Like a ____

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