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QUIZ: Can you name 14 grains (and grain ingredients) that contain gluten?

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A grain often found in soup, or to make malt. (Starts with 'B')
A grass used in making bread and some types of whiskey. (Starts with 'R')
A cereal grain used in making bread, pasta, cake, and beer. (Rhymes with 'feet')
A cereal food made of the groats of several different species of wheat. (Starts with 'B')
Also called 'hard wheat,' it's used to make pasta. (Starts with 'D')
A traditional North African dish made of granules of durum wheat. (Starts with 'C')
One of the earliest cultivated forms of wheat, it has a German name. (Starts with 'E')
An ancient grain higher in fiber than common wheat. (Starts with 'E')
A cereal food usually called Cream of Wheat. (Rhymes with 'arena')
The Italian word for spelt, emmer, and einkorn. (Rhymes with 'marrow')
Also called 'Khorasan wheat' or 'Oriental wheat.' (Rhymes with 'kaput')
A coarse, yellow part of wheat often used in pasta and cereal. (Starts with 'S')
It's also called 'dinkel wheat.' (Rhymes with 'belt')
A cross between wheat and rye. (Starts with 'T')

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