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QUIZ: Can you name 13 foods that usually contain gluten?

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A common ingredient in Chinese food.
This grain rhymes with 'gnarly.'
Used to make beer, this is different from the kind used in baking.
Bread crumbs are typically used when making these popular spaghetti toppers.
This chewy candy usually comes in red or black colors.
This grain is commonly used in breads, cakes, cookies, and bagels.
Eat this hot dish with a spoon -- but only if the can is specifically labeled 'gluten-free.'
Made by mixing wheat flour with fat, this French word is the basis of many creamy sauces, like Bechamel. (Rhymes with 'moo.')
Made from barley, this is used in some vinegars, candies, and syrups.
Unless it's labeled as 'pure,' this grain is often cross-contaminated with gluten.
This grain is used in bread and some types of whiskey.
Because wheat flour is used as a thickener, you might need to skip this popular topping for turkey.
This meat dish usually contains bread crumbs -- and is even shaped like a loaf of bread.

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