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Can you name the great things about Neville Longbottom?

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Forced Order
Lost Diadem
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Which Hogwarts house was he in?
Mothers name?
Grandmothers name?
Eventually got married to?
And became Professor of?
In the 1st book, Neville breaks this bone during a flying lesson?1
The same year, he received this helpful gift from his Grandmother?1
Draco Malfoy used this curse on Neville as a prank?1
And Hermione later uses this curse on Neville when they go to stop Quirrell?1
Neville receives 10 points for Gryffindor at the end-of-term feast for this reason?1
In the 2nd book, he warns Ron not to ignore this type of letter?2
Which he once received from?2
Later, Neville faints in Herbology after hearing these plants?2
And during Defense Against the Dark Arts, Neville is swung from the Chandelier by these creatures?2
In the 3rd book, when he faces the Boggart, it takes the form of?3
Who later threatens to poison Neville's toad during this class3
What does Neville accidentally leave on the floor outside Gryffindor tower?3
And what teacher forbids any Gryffindor from letting Neville into the common room?3
In the 4th book, he went to the Yule ball with?4
But the first person he asked to the ball was?4
Neville raises his hand during Moody's class, mentioning which Unforgivable Curse?4
And he received this book from Moody?4
While under Moody's imperius curse, what extraordinary thing did Neville do?4
In the 5th book, he gets a 'pet' plant called a?5
The plant was a present he received from?5
Who also gave him a toad named?
During Christmas vacation, Ron, Hermione, and Harry see Neville visiting his parents in this part of St. Mungo's5
Neville enthusiastically joins this rebel organization?5
During which, Neville successfully disarms who?5
Neville travels with Harry and several others to?5
Where his wand is broken by?5
His wand used to belong to?
Who was tortured by?5
According to Dumbledore, it could have either been Harry or Neville that was spoken of in?5
He later buys a new wand from?6
Also in the 6th book, he is invited to be a member of?6
In his O.W.L. results, he receives this score for transfiguration?6
And this score for Herbology?6
And this score for charms?6
And this score for Defense Against the Dark Arts?6
In the 7th book, he tries to steal this object from Snape's office?7
He doesn't succeed, but later extracts it from this object?7
And eventually destroys this Horcrux?7
He is often tortured by these teachers?7
But he continues to rebel along with this organization?7
And says to Voldemort: 'I'll join you...' (4 words)7

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