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In the aftermath of Jigsaw's death, the games continue and a SWAT team member tried desperately to save an old friend while the FBI investigatesSaw 4
This remake centers on a psychopathic murderer who escapes from an asylum and hunts down his sister in his hometownHalloween
Michael Myers returns a year after disappearing to reignite his path of mayhem and kill his sisterHalloween 2
Three backpackers travel to a hostel full of sex and drugs, but discover a place where rich businessmen can pay to torture and kill touristsHostel
Jigsaw plays head games with a detective while 8 people try to escape their trapSaw 2
A dying Jigsaw sets off a final game involving a greiving father, a depressed doctor, and forgivenessSaw 3
Partiers on spring break are terrorized by recently released prehistoric piranhaPiranha 3-D
Two men are ensnared in a trap and must play the sick game of a twisted, self-righteous madmanSaw
In this remake, a family of vacationers are stranded in the New Mexico desert by a family of mutant cannibalsThe Hills Have Eyes
Five friends in a cabin fall victim to a flesh-eating virusCabin Fever
Six women get trapped while spelunking and must battle horrible creatures to escapeThe Descent
The sequel finds the family of killers from the first on the run and being hunted by a vengeful sheriffThe Devil's Rejects
Plot Movie % Correct
Soldiers in the Scottish highlands battle vicious werewolvesDog Soldiers
A security guard finds an alternate world full of evil reflections of everyone who can make the real person harm themselvesMirrors
Four friends on a cross-country trip writing a book fall prey to a family of psychopaths and sadistsHouse of 1,000 Corpses
Three tourists in the Australian outback are captured by a sadistic hunterWolf Creek
A widower goes to his hometown to unravel the mystery involving murders comitted by the ghost of an old ventriloquist womanDead Silence
A tough military woman goes into walled-off, disease-plagued Scotland to get the cure for an illnessDoomsday
Two college students staying with one's family in the French countryside are stalked by a monstrous truckerHigh Tension
A twisted musical/rock opera about a future where a company can come and forcibly repossess your organsRepo! The Genetic Opera
Three American girls become the next fodder for the Elite Hunting organizationHostel: Part 2
An executive seeks revenge for his murdered son and gets caught in a whirlpool of violence and paybackDeath Sentence
A boat of sight-seers are attacked by a huge, deadly crocodileRogue
This crazy animated direct-to-video film is about a wahsed-up luchador and a robotThe Haunted World of El Superbeasto
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