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genius, Macgyver-esque, main characterWentworth Miller
Brutish, angry, tough brotherDominic Purcell
Sleazy, cunning, self-serving pedophileRobert Knepper
Kind, responsible, traumitized love interestSarah Wayne Callies
loyal, passionate, comic reliefAmaury Nolasco
Crazy, violent, femme fatale, motherJodi-Lyn O' Keefe
Ruthless head of the 'Company'Leon Russom
Thought-dead, ex-bad guy, saves the dayPaul Adelstein
Vengeful, violent, intelligent, ex-bad guyWilliam Fichtner
Softened, helpful,ex-corrupt-prison guardWade Williams
Cold, robotic, ruthless, company assassinCress Williams
Thoguht-dead, mother of main characters, becomes main antagonistKathleen Quinlan
Funny, naive, traitorious hackerJames Hiroyuki Liao
two-faced government agent who commits a betrayal for selfish, yet understandable reasonsMichael Rappaport
Father, husband, and ex-convict who made a deal at the end of season 2Rockmond Dunbar

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