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Is that the best you can do, you pansies?2005
It tastes like the back of a **** L.A. school bus!2004
I wish I knew how to quit you2005
'Tell my son the time his father died. Tell him...' 'NO. He won't even know your name.'2006
Revenge is good for your health, but pain will find you again.2003
I would never have any kind of pornographic relations with a creature!2009
'Just kill me' 'I am killing you'2006
Tomorrow millions of people will curse me, but fate has taken it's course2004
What do you think this is, wheel of fortune? You think you can just make your money and **** off??!!2000
.....But listen carefully, there are rules.2004
Husband to a murdered wife. Father to a murdered son. And I will have my this life or the next.2000
...ask him how come he's so good at killing people.2005
Some men just want to watch the world burn2008
Did you think your song and your dance and your superstition would help you, Eli? I am the third revelation!2007
Never compromise....not even in the face of armegeddon2009
I need to know who it is. i need to stand there, look him in the eye, and know that it's him.2007've got a bone sticking out of your arm.2007
That woman deserves every bit of her revenge and we deserve to die. But then again, so does she.2003/2004
You do what you love and **** the rest2006
Why are you wearing that stupid bunny outfit?2001
Your baby is the miracle the whole world has been waiting for.2006
Purple in the morning, blue in the afternoon, orange in the evening, and green at night2000
'Our arrows shall blot out the sun.' 'The we will fight in the shade.'2005
We all deserve to die. 2007

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