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plotmovieextra info
several plots to take down the Third Reich interwine at a movie theaterConsidered the director's best film since 1994
Dorky cubicle worker becomes infected and uncovers horrid mistreatment of aliens in a barricaded slum of Johannesberglow-budget, sci-fi, out-of-nowhere success story
Reimagining/prequel to classic 1960s tv sci-fi seriesfeatures the cameo of the older version of a certain pointy-eared character
prequel explaining backstory of fan favorite superhero with adamantium bonesfeatures an exciting climax on Three Mile Island
three misfits must retrace their steps to find their missing friendfunniest movie of the year
the leader of the future begins his battle against the machine-ridden Skynetan on-set meltdown by the film's star was made famous
A father and son attempt to survive the baren wasteland of the post apocalypse in order to find civilizationbased on the novel by the author of No Country For Old Men
Comedy-Horror about a small band of survivors facing the zombie invasioncharacters named after the location where they were found
Former CIA operative unleashes wrath upon the men who have his daughter captiveThe star of this film dealt with the death of his wife soon after it was released
The story of notorious bank robber John Dillinger and the man who hunted him and several others downDirected by the maker of Heat, Thief, and several other crime classics
plotmovieextra info
A young girl is raped and dismembered by her neighbor, then comes back to take care of unfinished businessBacklash against this movie for not showing the lead's death soon came about
A once-noble cop becomes addcited to pain pills and begins to unravel into a world of corruption and deceitSemi-remake of Abel Ferrara's gritty 1992 film
The tale of a bomb squad in Iraq.Apparently the most acurate depiction of the fighting in the middle east
A soldier signs up to help invade an alien world and soon falls in love and switches sidesDirector's last film since the money-machine Titanic
Journalist uncovers the truth about a secret squad of psychic soldiersGained several negative reviews and disappeard quickly (it was underrated)

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