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DescriptionKillerNumber of Movies
The man of your nightmares9
The tragic tale of this ex-slave is not pretty. 3
Water-logged, seemingly unstoppable slasher12
Is he a boy? Is she a girl? I don't know but this semi-comic murderess kills the kind of people I'd like to in real life4
The spawn of pure evil...enough said4
A little girl......there's nothing scarier. Well, try a supernatural dead little girl who could get you while you're watching the news2 (American)
Backwoods cannibal brute6
8-foot demon of vengeance with very few weaknesses4
If you call him, he arrives. The guardian of another dimension, a very very bad one8
Genius, sophisticated, polite, a complete sociopath5
DescriptionKillerNumber of Movies
Be careful what you wish for.......he just might grant it4
His twisted sense of morals keeps him very interesting6
A sick man in a little body5
This high school murderer has been several different people through time3
A clan of redneck insane serial killers ranges rom side-splitting to sadistic and disturbing...usually somewhere in between2
23 is the lucky number of this ruthless flying creature. Is he a demon?2
This greedy little killer will stop at nothing to get what belongs to him back6
Another supernatural figure. He used to be human, now he wanders from town to town draining the life for his own gain4
Who would have thought this shy, young momma's boy could be a split-personality, cross-dressing maniac5
Shadowy masked supernatural stalker10

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