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Can you name the Important Dexter Deaths?

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How They DiedCharacterInfo
Strangled With WireWasn't Bad at First
Killed With ChainsawDead Before Events of Show
ShotSuper Serial Killer Hunter
Suicide by PillsDead Before Events of Show
Found Dead/Femoral Artery SeveredA Casualty of a Something She Didn't Even Know About
Neck Snapped/Thrown From Ledge/Run OverSerial Killer
Throat SlitSerial Killer
Blown UpObsessed Cop
Stabbed in ChestTricky Arsonist
Poisoned/EuthanizedNot such a Big Character
Impaled With Claw HammerMost Successful Serial Killer to not be Caught
Suicide by GunshotFamily Member of Antagonist

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