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Can you name the Depressing Endings to the Following Movies?

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The chameleon-like main character avoids legal persecution but is forced to kill the man he loves1999
The main character commits the worst act a father can make...then finds it was pointless2007
The main character burns out completely after comitting a murder in a fit of rage2007
The main character dies protecting humanity's last hope2006
The protagonist's best friend is beaten and buried alive, while his trianwreck ex-wife suffers a drug overdose and he himself loses all his power1995
The happy ending is destroyed as two leads are rushed to the hospital, one for a head wound and one for a self-afflicted castration2006
The vigilant main character is blown to smithereens by an old colleague while the others are forced to compromise2009
The main character drinks himself to death1995
The main character bleeds to death, while talking on the phone2006
The main character prepares to live happily ever after, but is gunned down in a train station1993
This man commits a series of murders, and finally achieves his vengeance just to realize he didn't have all the peices and is murdered by a young boy2007
One protagonist crawl away bleeding heavily, another is sealed in a room to starve to death2004
The washed-up main character suffers a probably fatal heart attack during his return to glory2007
The main character's pregnant wife is killed and he is arrested for murder1995
The amnesiac main character realizes that his revenge has been for nothing2000
The entire space crew dies on a mission to reignite the sun2007
The main character dies of AIDS1993
The Jesus-like prisoner is executed for a crime he did not commit1999
The main character is shot by his neighbor1998
One hero is murdered, his wife joins him soon after, the main villain gets away, and the other hero can do nothing except retire2007
The young protagonist is killed alone in his bed in a freak accident2001
One hero shoots himself, another is executed2005
The protagonist finally gets to a jail cell2004
After a spree of vengeance that only destroys his family even more, the main character bleeds to death watching home movies2007
The transformed main character burns up in the sun2007
The two main character on a collision course for vengeance ( on each other ) both die pointless deaths2001
All four main characters descend into a spiral of drug addcition from which there is no escape2000
The main character's younger brother changes his ways only to be shot to death1998
Everybody shoots each other, except for one, who is arrested1992

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