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QuestionsAnswerEpisode Title
Who did Phoebe tell Monica and Chandler the father of her baby was?The one after I Do
Phoebe mistakingly assumes ____ is the father of Rachel's babyTOW the red sweater
What is the fake name Joey uses when picking up women?TOW the videotape
Who did Joey dress up as for Halloween?TOW the Halloween Party
What was the name of Monica and Chandler's maid?TOW the stain
When Dr. Green started to freak out about Rachel not getting married, she told him the wedding was on what day?TOW the stripper
Will and Ross made a club called theTOW the Rumor
QuestionsAnswerEpisode Title
What name did Phoebe want Ross and Rachel to name the baby (if it was a girl)TOW Chandler takes a bath
According to Joey, WHO is hidden in Monica's secret closetTOW the secret closet
What was the name of the Video?TOW the birthing video
What was the game show the guys played?TOW the baby shower
The saleswoman referred to Ross as what fictional hero?TOW the cooking class
How many women give birth before Rachel at the hospital? TOW Rachel has a baby

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