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QUIZ: Can you name the Friends season 1 Trivia??

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Forced Order
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QuestionAnswerEpisode Title
What sports team is the woman Joey helped have a baby, a fan of?TOW the Birth
Whats the name of the high school senior Monica dates?TOW the Ick Factor
While on the phone with her father Rachel uses a metaphor. What inanimate object does she compare herself too?TOW Monica gets a roomate
Who comes from animal control and went to high school with Monica and Rachel?TOW the monkey gets away
Where was Phoebe's weirdest place?TOW the blackout
what ridiculously expensive gift did Ross give Carol when he fell in love with her?TOW Rachel finds out
Who tells Ross he's having a boy?TOW the dozen lasagnas
Who does Joey kiss at midnight?TOW the monkey
What's Joey's dad's mistress's name?TOW the boobies
QuestionAnswerEpisode Title
What STD does a poster claim Joey has?TOW Underdog gets away
Where was Rachel supposed to go on her honeymoon?TOW the Sonogram at the end
Who was Chandler trapped with in the ATM TOW the blackout
What was the name of Joey's play?TOW the butt
Who is Chandler suppose to fire, but ends up dating?TOW two parts: Part one
What color does Rachel turn all of her whites?TOW the East German Laundry Detergent
What pizza did the girls order, when they got George Stephanopoulos's instead?TOW George Stephanopoulos
Who is Chandler's date for Valentine's Day?TOW the candy hearts

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