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Name Waterloo Road Characters 1-10

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HintAnswerActor/ Actress
Head Teacher, Series 1Jason Merrells
Deputy Head, Series 1Jamie Glover
Head Of Pastoral Care, Series 1Angela Griffin
French Teacher, Series 1Denise Welch
English Techer, Series 1Jason Done
English Teacher, Series 1Camilla Power
Head Of English, Series 1Phillip Martin Brown
Drama Teacher, Series 1Jill Halfpenny
Pupil, Series 1Katie Griffiths
Pupil, Series 1Lauren Drummond
Pupil, Series 1Daisy Wignell
Pupil, Series 1Adam Thomas
Pupil, Series 1Chelsee Healey
Pupil, Series 1Craig Fitzpatrick
Pupil, Series 1Rhea Bailey
Parent, Series 1David Crellin
Parent, Series 1Steve Money
Teachers Wife, Series 1Lorraine Cheshire
Secretary, Series 1Judith Barker
Secretary, Series 2Christine Tremarco
Investor, Series 2Nick Sidi
Investor, Series 2Paul Birchard
Pupil, Series 2Tom Payne
Pupil, Series 2Holliday Grainger
Pupil, Series 2Ellie Paskell
Pupil, Series 2Zeriozha Burt-Skeete
Pupil, Series 2Holly Matthews
Deputy Head, Series 3Neil Morrissey
Drama Teacher, Series 3Chris Geere
English Teacher, Series 3Shabana Bakhsh
Head Teacher, Series 3Eva Pope
Secretry, Series 3Jacqueline Kington
Bad Guy, Series 3Silas Carson
Pupil, Series 3Jessica Baglow
Pupil, Series 3Lauren Thomas
Pupil, Series 3Lucy Dixon
Pupil, Series 3Tachia Newall
Pupil, Series 3Thomas Milner
Pupil, Series 3Zaraah Abrahams
PE Teacher, Series 4Elyes Gabel
Head of Extended Services, Series 4Katy Carmichael
Security Guard, Series 4Tim Healy
Police Officer, Series 4Malcolm Scates
Parent/ Dinnerlady, Series 4Elaine Symons
Pupil, Series 4Luke Bailey
Pupil, Series 4Reece Noi
Pupil, Series 4Holly Kenny
Pupil, Series 4Reece Douglas
Pupil, Series 4Sadie Pickering
Pupil, Series 4Dean Smith
Pupil, Series 4Darcy Isa
Younger Sibling, Series 4Charlie/ Taylor Sheldrick
HintAnswerActor/ Actress
Food Tech Teacher, Series 5Elizabeth Berrington
English Teacher, Series 5Vinette Robinson
Languages Teacher, Series 5Sarah-Jane Potts
Deputy Head, Series 5William Ash
Excecutive Head, Series 5Tom Chambers
Chef, Series 5Steven Waddington
Teachers Husband, Series 5Ralph Ineson
Pupil, Series 5Jenna-Louise Coleman
Pupil, Series 5Shannon Flynn
Pupil, Series 5Ayesha Gwilt
Pupil, Series 5Pheobe Dynevor
Pupil, Series 5Richie Jeeves
Pupil, Series 5William Rush
Pupil, Series 5Sophie McShera
Pupil, Series 5Rebecca Ryan
Pupil, Series 5Jack McMullen
Head Teacher, Series 6Amanda Burton
Spanish Teacher, Series 6Karen David
Supply Teacher, Series 6Ian Puleston-Davies
Head Of Pastoral Care, Series 6Sharlene Whyte
Geography Teacher, Series 6Wil Johnson
Bad Guy, Series 6Ciaran Griffiths
Pupil, Series 6Tina O'Brien
Pupil, Series 6Linzey Cocker
Pupil, Series 6Cellach Spellman
Pupil, Series 6Ben-Ryan Davies
Pupil, Series 6Lucien Laviscount
Pupil, Series 6Anna Jobarteh
Pupil, Series 6Scott Haining
Pupil, Series 6George Sampson
Head Teacher, Series 7Michael Byrne
Dinnerlady, Series 7Melanie Hill
Investor, Series 7Daniela Denby-Ashe
Maths Teacher, Series 7Mark Benton
Science Teacher, Series 7Jaye Jacobs
PE Teacher, Series 7Alex Walkinshaw
English Teacher, Series 7Heather Peace
English Teacher, Series 7Poppy Jhakra
Site Manager, Series 7Robson Green
English Teacher, series 7Sarah Hadland
Parent, Series 7Debra Stephenson
Parent, Series 7John Thomson
Pupil, Series 7Kane Tomlinson-Weaver
Pupil, Series 7Kaya Moore
Pupil, Series 7Katie McGlynn
Pupil, Series 7Hope Katana
Pupil, Series 7Millie Katana
Pupil, Series 7Oliver Lee
Pupil, Series 7Aryana Ramkhalawon
Pupil, Series 7Naveed Choudhry
Pupil, Series 7Shifaa Arfann
Pupil, Series 7Georgia Henshaw
HintAnswerActor/ Actress
Pupil, Series 7Lee Abbate
Bad Guy, Series 7Rob Haythorne
Bad Guy, Series 7Stefan Gumbs
Deputy Head, Series 8Richard Mylan
Languages Teacher, Series 8Angus Deayton
Secretary, Series 8Victoria Bush
Acting Head Of Science, Series 8Daniela Nardini
English Teacher, Series 8Laurie Brett
History Teacher, Series 8Georgie Glen
Rival Head Teacher, Series 8Alex Norton
Teachers 'Friend'- Series 8Richie Campbell
Parent- Series 8Zöe Lucker
Head Of Education, Series 8Shaun Prendergast
Bad Guy, Series 8Jody Latham
Pupil, Series 8Paige Meade
Pupil, Series 8Benjamin Gur
Pupil, Series 8Shane O'Meara
Pupil, Series 8Kirstie Steele
Pupil, Series 8Rebecca Craven
Pupil, Series 8Marlene Madenge
Pupil, Series 8Adiza Shardow
Pupil, Series 8Tommy Lawrence Knight
Pupil, Series 8Abby Mavers
Pupil, Series 8Carl Au
Pupil, Series 8Brogan Ellis
Pupil, Series 8Taylor Rhys
Teachers Wife, Series 8,Elizabeth Tan
Science Teacher, Series 9Vanessa Hehir
Teachers Partner, Series 9Kristin Atherton
PE Teacher, Series 9Leon Ockenden
Pupil, Series 9Joe Slater
Pupil, Series 9Caitlin Gillespie
Pupil, Series 9Mark Beswick
Pupil, Series 9Naomi Battrick
Pupil, Series 9Je'Taime Morgan Hanley
Art Teacher, Series 10Nicola Stephenson
Head Teacher, Series 10Neil Pearson
Parent, Series 10Pooky Quesnel
Deputy Head, Series 10Laura Aikman
Science Teacher, Series 10Stefano Braschi
Graphics and Product Design Teacher, Series 10Regé-Jean Page
Parent, Series 10Nadine Marshall
Pupil, Series 10Max Bowden
Pupil, Series 10Zebb Dempster
Pupil, Series 10Sammy Oliver
Pupil, Series 10Leo Flannagan
Pupil, Series 10Charlotte Beaumont
Pupil, Series 10Tahirah Sharif
Pupil, Series 10Holly Jack
Pupil, Series 10Andrew Still
Pupil, Series 10Finlay MacMillan
Pupil, Series 10Armin Karim

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