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How is g-eazy's full name?
What is a nickname g-eazy often goes by?
What is g-eazy's mom's name?
Where is g-eazy from?
Where did g-eazy go to college?
What is g-eazy's younger brother's name?
What grade was G-eazy in when his mom left his dad?
Who is g-eazy's ex girlfriend?
what was the first album g-eazy dropped on itunes?
What album did g-eazy drop in 2015?
What body parts is g-eazy known for signing?
Who is g-eazy's life long friend? (also a rapper)
Where did g-eazy and Marty used to record?
Who inspired G-eazy's style?
What was the name of the first rap group g-eazy joined?
When is g-eazy's birthday? (day month and year)
What album did g-eazy drop is 2011?
What short film does g-eazy star in?
What song did g-eazy perform on Jimmy Kimmel in 2016?
Who did G-eazy drop a freestyle for?

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