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What is one thing the makes Canada, Canadian?Think back to the PPT.
What is the largest category of immigrant that comes to Canada?$
How many points does an economic immigrant need to get into Canada?It's a number
What kind of community's development is supported by the Immigrant and Refugee Act?Hello or bonjour
What is a health condition that would impede your chances of getting into Canada?Two possible answers, both in the PPT
Name a type of worker that Alberta lacks.Heavy duty
Aboriginal people of Canada continue to face ___, ___, and ____ challenges because of Canadian immigration. Name one
The immigration policies in Quebec attempt to strengthen what language in Canada?Very easy
Name one downside of living in CanadaThink back to PPT.
'Our immigrants continue to play a significant role in the development of our _____ and ______.When writing out the two blanks, include the 'and'

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