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Character InfoName
He is the homeroom teacher of Class 3-E of Kunugigaoka Junior High School.
He is a serious and stoic boy.
Best marksman for the females of Class E.
He is a government worker associated with the Ministry of Defense.
She is a professional hitwoman with a Serbian accent who is hired to kill Korosensei by becoming a part-time foreign language teacher in class 3-E, though makes her become the firs
The late former teacher of Class E, she was Kaede's older sister and Yanagisawa's fiancée.
Head of the Broadcasting Club, specialized in media.
He is one of the students in Class 3-E, the main student character, and the manga's narrator.
She is one of Nagisa's classmates and close friends, being the one who is mostly seen with him.
He is one of Nagisa's closest friends and considered to be the strongest and smartest amongst the class 3-E students.
Son of Kunigaoka's Board Chairman.
Class E's best in English.
A mysterious scientist who cloaks himself in anti-sensei material, he first appears as Itona's guardian and tutor, bestowing him with the tentacles on his head and providing him th
The number one assassin in the world, who starts to hunt down other assassins and eventually targets Class 3-E and Koro-Sensei.
She is a student of class 3-E who uses aspects of chemistry to her advantage in assassination.
She is a student of class 3-E.
The Anime and Maid Cafe Fan.
He is the principal of Wakaba Park cram school.
He is one of the students and Nagisa's best friend.
A student of Class-A and ace of the school's baseball team that Sugino was once a member of.
Yūma is the class president of class 3-E.
An aspiring movie director, he edited the short film that Class E used in their plan in the Island Arc, and later directed during the class play.
The biggest in Class E, and leader of his own clique of rebels within it.
The student council secretary, specialized in arts.
The pervert of Class E.
Character InfoName
The fastest runner of Class E, even enough to be at an Olympic level.
The Artist and Class E's disguise specialist.
The womanizer in Class E, he has a carefree personality and believes in just going from one relationship to the next if it doesn't work out.
Noodle specialist, and part of Terasaka's gang.
Motorbike specialist, and part of Terasaka's gang.
The cook with a motherly personality.
Female class representative.
She excels in knifework and is considered one of the two best out of all the girls in Class 3-E.
The Biologist of Class E.
Class E's Manga specialist, she is able to use her likes to come up with detective reasoning, and has a good investigative eye.
Class E's infiltration specialist.
Head of the Biology club and expert in memorization.
The only female student of class E who hangs around with Terasaka's group.
An artificial intelligence developed by Norway and sent to Class 3-E as a transfer student to dispose of Koro-sensei, able to learn his movement patterns and perfect her shooting s
The second transfer student sent to assassinate Koro-sensei.
Board Chairman of Kunugigaoka Junior High School and Gakushū Asano's father.
The student assembly chair, specialized in languages.
One of Nagisa's former classmates who is constantly seen poking fun at Class 3-E.
One of Nagisa's former classmates who is constantly seen poking fun at Class 3-E.
A student of Class 3-B and Nagisa's old friend who exclusively appears in the live-action film.
A man who trained alongside Karasuma and was jealous of his abilities.
A Russian assassin and the one who trained Irina.
A talented sniper who is sent to Kyoto to assassinate Koro-sensei during a school trip.
Nagisa's mother, who is rather strict with Nagisa.

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