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Character InfoName
He is the main protagonist of the Akame ga Kill! series.
She initially makes a name for herself as the Empire's top ranking assassin.
She is a self-proclaimed genius sniper, and a sharp-tongued, quick-witted member of Night Raid.
She is one of the older members of Night Raid.
She is one of the members of Night Raid.
He is a member of Night Raid, who is often shown as a pervert.
He decided to betray the Empire when his superior, Liver, was framed for a crime after he refused to give in to the Prime Minister's agenda.
She is the leader of Night Raid.
He is Najenda's bionic Teigu who joins Tatsumi's group after Night Raid suffers several losses.
She is a seasoned assassin working for the Revolutionary Army, having successfully carried out countless missions.
He is a young boy who wishes to lead his people to a bright future.
He is the current _____ ________ of the Empire and the father of Syura.
He originally worked as an executioner for the Empire.
He is a man who relies on brute strength and enjoys every opportunity in proving himself in battle.
He is a sadistic young man with a passion of tearing the faces off of his victims.
He was a high-ranking officer who was Bulat's former superior officer and framed by the Prime Minister for refusing to accept bribes.
He was a high-ranking member of the Path of Peace, a religion that opposes the Empire.
He was Bolic's bodyguard who wielded a lost Teigu that had been recovered.
She is the only survivor of the Four Rakshasa Demons of the Imperial Fist Temple after their battle with Night Raid in the Bolic assassination incident.
He was a Commander-in-chief of the Empire.
She is the leader of the Jaegers and a high-ranking officer from the Empire.
Character InfoName
She is a young girl obsessed with eliminating criminals from the Empire, while deeming her group to be saviors.
He is Esdeath's personal adviser.
She is Akame's younger sister.
He is one of the older members of the Jaegers who always hides his face behind a mask.
He is a young man from a small town who joins the Jaegers and is often shocked with his teammates.
He is a man who enjoys experimenting with humans, and is known for offering death row inmates lighter sentences in exchange for becoming his guinea pigs.
He is the son of Prime Minister Honest and the leader of Wild Hunt.
He is a member of Wild Hunt who appears as an overweight sadistic and pedophilic clown and a serial killer, who kills children so they will not become 'filthy adults'.
She is a female member of Wild Hunt.
She is a young-looking female alchemist working for Wild Hunt.
He is a former pirate and a lecherous misogynist working for Wild Hunt.
He is a master swordsman who keeps his peculiar-looking eyes closed most of the time.
Originally a member of the Rakshasa Demons, he took the seven most talented children amongst the many tested, Akame included, and trained them to be human weapons
Ranked no.1 of the Elite Seven, he was the sub-leader of the team, thus he usually treated his companions as less capable as him and had a tendency to boss them arround.
Ranked no.2, he had a rather perverted attitude, usually visiting brothels and flirting with the female members of the team.
Ranked no.3, she was the big-sister figure of the group.
Ranked no.4, she was cheerful, straightforward, and rather dimwitted, she had a deep admiration for Gozuki and loved to please him.
Ranked no.5, he was a bespectacled, rather reserved boy who actually had some feelings for Akame, which were never reciprocated.
Ranked no.6, she is around Akame's age and the member of the team she seemed to be the closest to.
She was a female assassin.
She had her arms cut off by Enshin and her current state is unknown.

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