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A character in Beautiful Bones - Sakurako's Investigation -, name begins with S.
A professional painter.
He is Sakurako's fiance who works as a police officer, and vouches for her when she works on a case.
Otonashi awakens only to learn he is dead.
Sakurako's caretaker, who is kind-hearted but also strict, particularly when it comes to Sakurako's love of sweets.
Haruyuki Arita is an overweight, bullied middle schooler who finds solace in playing online games.
A dog previously owned by a family Sakurako helped.
He is a police officer who often helps Sakurako and Shōtarō on cases.
Night Raid is the covert assassination branch of the Revolutionary Army, an uprising assembled to overthrow Prime Minister Honest, whose avarice and greed for power has lead him to
A life science teacher at Shotaro's school.
A character in Beautiful Bones - Sakurako's Investigation -, name begins with H.

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