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Who fails to destroy the ring before it falls into the hands of Gollum?
What is the name of the Uruk-hai that kills Boromir
What is the name of the jewel that Arwen gives to Aragorn?
Who does Gandalf leave to make the decision of which direction to take after the mountains?
Where in Middle Earth is Frodo stabbed by one of the Nazgul?
What is the name of the inn where the Hobbits were to meet Gandalf?
Where was the one ring forged?
What is the name of the King of Rohan?
What is the name of the King of Rohan's son?
What is the surname of the Hobbits that are looking for Bilbo at his house and party?
What creature 'kills' Gandalf in the mines of Moria?
Who plays Boromir?
Who takes the throne for Gondor while the real king is lost?
What is the name of the sword that Bilbo gives to Frodo in Rivendell?
What saves Frodo from the cave trolls spear?
Who does Sam marry?
What is the name of the pony in the FOTR?
What 2 words does Gollum give the enemy regarding the ring?
How old is Bilbo turning at the start of the trilogy?
What gift does Gimli ask from Galadriel?
How many does she end up giving him?
Who follows the fellowship before following only Frodo and Sam?
Who leads the elves to the aid of Rohan at Helms Deep?
Who wants to fight both the wargs and at Helms Deep?
Who plays Elrond?
Who is banished from Rohan by Theoden/Grima?
What is the name of Gandalf's sword?
Who did Grishnakh try to steal the ring from?
In which film does Aragorn recieve Anduril?
What is the name of the tower in Isengard?
What word did Gandalf eventually use to open the gates to Moria?
What is the name of Gimli's father?
Who calls Gandalf 'Gandalf Stormcrow'?
In what order did Aragorn introduce the broken fellowship following Merry and Pippin to Eomer?
Who is the director of all 3 of the films?
What name does the owner of the inn know Aragorn as?
Who played Sam?
What is thrown at Pippin after the Hobbits want to stop for lunch?
What is the name of the herb/weed that 'heals' Frodo after being stabbed by the Morgul-blade?
Finish the sentence 'If you want him, come and _____ him?
Who's grave is located in the Mines of Moria?
What is the language of the dwarves?
What is the name of the bread that the elves gave the fellowship?
Who plays Aragorn?
When Frodo and Sam reach the black gates, with Gollum's help in TTT, who do they see marching into Mordor?
What are the names of the horses given to Aragorn, Legolas and Gimli by Eomer?
Who saved Merry and Pippin from Grishnakh?
How many Arrows did it take to kill Boromir?
What makes Pippin grow taller in Fangorn Forest?
Who captures Frodo, Sam and Gollum after they see the Oliphaunts?
What is the name of the horse that rescues Aragorn after he falls from the cliff after fighting the Orcs and Wargs?
What name does Frodo take when he is on the road?
What do the Orc's catapult into Minas Tirith?
Who wrote the trilogy?
Before Gollum got the ring, what was his name?
Who plays Eowyn?
Who is the leader of the Nazgul?
How many Orcs did Gimli kill at Helms Deep?
Beating Legolas who killed a total of?
Who takes Anduril to Aragorn?
Who did Gollum steal the ring from?
What does Legolas offer Gimli when he can't see at the battle of Helm's Deep?
Who is the first person to volunteer to destroy the ring?
Who literally stabs Saruman in the back?
What question does Pippin ask when the fellowship of the ring has been formed?
Who plays Gollum?
Fill in the gaps (in order) Gandalf says this to Aragorn before he leaves Rohan. 'Look to my coming at ___________ on the _____ day. At dawn, look to the ___.'
According to Gimli, what does no one toss?
Who says the prologue at the start of the trilogy?
Who does Gollum frame in ROTK?
'This is no mine. It's a ___'
Who says this?
Who lights the first beacon in Minas Tirith?
What is the name of Gandalf's horse?
What character is played by Cate Blanchett?
What character in the Fellowship is able to walk on top of the snow in the mountains?
Who plays Gandalf?
Who plays Gimli?
'I made a promise, Mr Frodo. A promise. 'Don't you leave him Samwise Gamgee.'' Finish the line said by Sam
Who plays Frodo?
What do Merry and Pippin find in Saruman's food store that they decide not to share with Treebeard incase it upsets him?

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