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Can you name the escaped prisoners of Azkaban??

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 He was a rather malicious Death Eater...
 His mother used polyjuice to be him in prison, and she died there, so they faked the mom's death, as the world thought Barty Crouch Jr. was dead.
 escaped from Azkaban in book 5.
 was obsessed with the destruction of half breeds until 'mudbloods' were considered dangerous.
 husband of Narcissa Malfoy, father of Draco Malfoy.
 Voldemort's pet snake
HintAnswerExtra Info.
 he betrayed Lily and James thinking he was picking the sronger side by being under Voldemort's portection.
 Was able to smell Hermione's perfume very well.
 Was origionally a REAL Death Eater, but gave loyalty to Dumbledore when Voldemort decided to hunt his only love, Lily down despite his pleads. He acted as a double spy.
 Was put in Azkaban for releyng information to the 'Dark Lord.'
 figured out Voldemort's scheme and tried to stop him, but other Death Eaters hunted him down and killed him.

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