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Ranger of the North and rightful king of Gondor and ArnorA
Part of the original fellowship, only one to be killedB
Place inside the volcano where the ring can be destroyedC
Gimli is one of theseD
Immortal Lord of RivendellE
Inherits the One RingF
Wizard and leader of the fellowship of the ringG
Epic battle takes place at this valley during the 'Two Towers'H
Cuts off Sauron's ring and claims it for himselfI
Writer of the NovelsJ
'The Return of The...'K
Elven prince who aids the FellowshipL
The undead army helps to defeat Sauron's forces in this cityM
Nine Servants of Sauron, also known as RingwraithsN
Race of creatures used as soldiers by SauronO
Hobbit and companion in the FellowshipP
The language of the elvesQ
Skilled horsemen and staunch allies of gondorR
Also known as GollumS
King of RohanT
Bred by Sauruman, they are the strongest soldiers of SauronU
The Elves who made the journey to this place became known as the Eldar, or High ElvesV
Greatest of the Nine servants of Sauron and commander in battleW
Part of the hobbit calendar and celebrated in the midwinterY
Hobbit Family, Westron form of OldbuckZ

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