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Can you say which composer in each group is the only one who didn't write the work(s) in the clue?

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An opera: a) Ludwig van Beethoven b) George Gershwin c) JS Bach d) Alban Berg
A work based on Arthurian legend: a) Henry Purcell b) Camille Saint-Saëns c) Richard Wagner d) Thomas Arne
A piano concerto: a) Charles Ives b) Aaron Copland c) Leonard Bernstein d) George Gershwin
A 9th symphony (curse of the 9th!): a) Sergei Prokofiev b) Gustav Mahler c) Franz Schubert d) Dmitri Shostakovich
A work called 'The Seasons' or 'The Four Seasons': a) FJ Haydn b) PI Tchaikovsky c) Antonio Vivaldi d) Maurice Ravel
A 'Don Juan'/'Don Giovanni' or a work based on that character/legend: a) WA Mozart b) Franz Liszt c) Richard Strauss d) Giacomo Puccini
A work which won the Pulitzer Prize for Music: a) George Gershwin b) John Adams c) Charles Ives d) Samuel Barber
An 'unfinished symphony': a) FJ Haydn b) Franz Schubert c) Jean Sibelius d) Gustav Mahler
A piano sonata: a) Hector Berlioz b) FJ Haydn c) Frederic Chopin d) Franz Liszt
A song/lied(er) cycle: a) Franz Schubert b) Robert Schumann c) GF Handel d) Claude Debussy
At least 1000 works: a) JS Bach b) GP Telemann c) Claude Debussy d) Franz Schubert
An Italian language opera (music for an Italian libretto): a) WA Mozart b) Richard Wagner c) FJ Haydn d) GF Handel
Film music: a) John Adams b) Philip Glass c) Edgard Varèse d) Steve Reich
A ballet: a) Johannes Brahms b) Igor Stravinsky c) Maurice Ravel d) PI Tchaikovsky
A 'Faust' or a work inspired/based on Faust: a) Robert Schumann b) Hector Berlioz c) Charles Gounod d) WA Mozart
A set of keyboard preludes in all 24 major and minor keys: a) Franz Schubert b) Frederic Chopin c) JS Bach d) Alexander Scriabin
An opera mainly set in the United States: a) George Gershwin b) Igor Stravinsky c) Giacomo Puccini d) Benjamin Britten
A requiem Mass: a) Johannes Brahms b) Felix Mendelssohn c) Giuseppe Verdi d) Anton Bruckner
More than 40 symphonies: a) FJ Haydn b) WA Mozart c) Alan Hovhaness d) Ludwig van Beethoven
A 'Romeo and Juliet' or a work derived from it/based on it: a) Sergei Prokofiev b) Dmitri Shostakovich c) Charles Gounod d) Leonard Bernstein

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