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André Watts and Condoleeza Rice are known for their skill with this instrument.piano
Anthony McGill is the New York Philharmonic principal on this instrument, also called the licorice stick.Clarinet
Soprano Jessye Norman is perhaps best known for her demanding dramatic roles in the operas of this composer.Richard Wagner
Todd Duncan and Anne Brown played the leads in the original Broadway production of this opera.Porgy and Bess
Paul Robeson was persecuted by the US government for his outspoken support of this country. USSR
This vocalist, best known for his 1988 hit 'Don't Worry, Be Happy,' has put his unique stamp on the work of classical artists such as Mozart and Bach.Bobby McFerrin
Perennial frozen dessert truck favorite who composed one opera, Treemonisha. Scott Joplin
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In 1939, Marian Anderson performed an outdoor concert at this landmark when she was denied permission to perform in DAR Constitution Hall because of her race.Lincoln Memorial
Family name of the prominent, prolific Louisiana musical clan, many of whose members have won acclaim as jazz and classical artists.Marsalis
____ Grant Still, the so-called Dean of African-American composers.William
Sergei Rachmaninoff said of remarkable jazz pianist Art ___,“If this man ever decides to play serious music we're all in trouble.''Tatum
Legendary jazz multi-instrumentalist and composer who dropped out of Juilliard because he felt the curriculum was too Eurocentric. Miles Davis
Pianist and former piano professor Terrance McKnight can be heard regularly on this New York classical station. WQXR
Bass-baritone Eric ___, whose roles have included Alberich in Wagner's Ring Cycle.Owens

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