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descriptioncase name----
Applied for unemployment because her religion prevented her from working Saturdays
Parents refused to send Amish kids to school after 8th grade
Two dudes fired for smoking peyote, but for religious reasons
Reimbursing parensts who bus their children to private school
Nondenomenational prayer at beginning of school
School day begins with Bible reading
Financial aid from the state to private schools
Voucher program to inner-city kids, 96% went to religious schools
display of 10 commandments in courthouses and public schools
10 commandments at Texas State Captiol
Convicted of importing liquor after infor gathered through wiretapping was used in trial
Convicted of placing bets and wagers
Cultivation of weed observed by aerial observation
Connecticut law banning information about contraceptives
Challenged a Texas Law prohibiting abortions
Required consent and a 24 hour waiting period, married women had to notify husband
Homosexual conduct law violated
A slave is not a citizen, therefore cannot bring a case to the S.C.
Seperate railway cars based on race
descriptioncase name----
Ordinace barring people from selling to the 'Negro or Mongolian race'
Segregation in DC was challenged, is the federal gov't bound by the same constitutional principles as the state?
States are bound by court's decision and cannot disobey them, brow n decision bound states to follow precendent
White flight; interdistrict remedies required; lower courts ordered desegregation plan for all districts
Can't assign students to schools based on race for racial equality
16/100 openings at UC Davis reserved for minority students
Subcontract 30% of contracts to MBE
U of MI used a point system to admit students to college
Uses race as a factor for admission to U of MI law school
Is gender a suspect class?
Beer for females under 21, but not males! HELL **** YEAH.
Virginia Military Institute challenged for its male only policy, created a parallel program for women
Challenged apportionment of Alabama state legislature
Is racial gerrymandering of the congression redistricting process a violation of the Equal Protection Clause
Does the first amendment permits the Minnesota Supreme Court to prohibit candidates for judicial election in that State from announcing their views on disputed legal and political
FEC limits on expenditures and contributions to political campaigns
Ads banned before federal election
Anti-corruption is not sufficient enough to displace speech
No history-how to interpret?

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