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Fruit that crash collects
Girl Taken off after first game for being 'too sexy'
Crash's sisters name
Other country crash is popular in
What does crash break
How many games were made by naughty dog?
What does crash get when all crates are broken in a level?
What year was crash made
What power source is Cortex after?
What was the title of the game canceled in 2010
What was the last game created by Naughty Dog?
Who currently owns the rights to crash
Who is the first boss crash ever faces?
What was the most recent game title for a console
Which game title was a knock off of mario party
Whic character 'steals' tawna away from crash
The original animal crash was going to be
Only other character to appear in very Crash title
Which minor character was created because of a poorly made crash doll?
What is the device used by cortex to create villians?

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