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trial closure must meet strict scrutiny
Reporters do not have a right to confidentialityNo special privelege
Established Dickinson Rule
SC upheld banning reporter from pre-trialChaos ensued
Requires extreme circumstances in order to close a criminal trialAllowing closure of pre-trial hearings
Publicity sensationalized case; defendant acquitted
Right to privacy in common law
public and press have right to attend voir direOpened pre-trial hearing, except when interfere with defendant right to fair trial or reasonable alternative to closure can't protect their rights
Prohibit televised executions
Restrictive (gag) order must meet certain standards to be implemented
May tour a prison facility but cannot request to speak to specific prisoners
Decision does not preclude access, merely leaves it up to the prison superintendent
Established ABA Canon 35No cameras in the courtroom
Emotional Distressparody/satire
Right to speak and publish does not include right to gather info
Cameras are obstructive to judge, witnesses, jury, and defendant
Cannot use someone's name or likeness for advertising or trade purposes, without their permission
Right to use rape victim's name if in public records during trial
False Light
Must show actual malice in a false light privacy case
Cameras are not invasive, they do not prevent a fair trial, and banning them violates the first amendment
Categories of Invasion of Privacy
Publication of Private Information
False light
Right of privacy
Right of Publicity
Incidental Use
Booth Rule
Intentional infliction of emotional distress
Right to gather
Right to disseminate
Freedom of Information Act
Electronic FOIA
Federal Sunshine Act
Compensatory Remedies for prejudicial publicity
Voir Dire
Change of Venue
Change of Verniremen
Remedies applied during trial
Controlling remedies
Free Flow of Information Act
Federal Shield LawHas yet to pass
Contempt Powerpunishable by fine/time
Summary Contempt Power
Summary Contempt Powers (3)
Civil Contempt
Direct Criminal Contempt
Indirect criminal contempt
Dickinson Rule
Copyrightexist to protect the original/intellectual creations of authors, composers, artists, inventors, playwrights, etc.
Only thing protected under the copyright law
Exclusive rights in copyrighted works (5)
Materials which cannot be copyrighted
CompilationsNot just because of work 'sweat and brow'
Collective Works
Derivative Works

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