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HISTORY: Túpac _____, executed by Spanish colonial forces in 1572, was the last monarch of the Incan Empire.
MUSIC: In the 1984 mockumentary This Is Spinal Tap which character uttered the immortal line: “These go to eleven.”
ENTERTAINMENT: What iconic entertainer won 4 Emmy awards and became the first woman to run a major television studio in 1962? (full name required)
HOLIDAY: What common evergreen climbing plant (genus: Hedera) accompanies holly in the title of a traditional British Christmas carol?
GAMING: What short word describes a conversion of a video game to run on a platform other than the one for which it was designed?
RELIGION: What name is given to 50 sea nymph sisters in Greek myth, protectors of sailors and symbolic of the richness and beauty of the sea?
JUST FOR FUN: Use it or _____?
GEOGRAPHY: On what island is the settlement of Pape’ete, the capital of French Polynesia?
MOVIES: What given name links the first African American to win an Oscar with a regular member of the Carry On film series?
MISCELLANEOUS: What word links a caste in a eusocial insect colony with a Chicago sports stadium?
SCIENCE: What scientific property, coined by Rudolf Clausius in 1865, describes the state of disorder, randomness or uncertainty of a system?
SPORTS: What name links the (club soccer) European Cup champions of 1982 with a Mexican revolutionary general?
LANGUAGE: The Latin term casus _____ (literally ‘occasion for war’) is defined as an act or event provoking (or used as a justification for) armed conflict.
LITERATURE: What is the adopted family name of the angst-ridden ethical vampires in Stephanie Meyer’s Twilight series?
TELEVISION: Secondary characters in which TV series include malevolent billionaire “Mom,” TV anchor Morbo the Annihilator and the disembodied head of Richard Nixon?

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