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Can you name the space probes according to the milestones achieved??

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Year of Launch and Milestone AchievedName of Probe
1957 USSR : First manmade object to orbit the earth
1959 USSR: First craft to photograph the Moon's far side
1960 USA: First craft to photograph global cloudcover
1966 USSR: First craft to soft-land on the Moon
1972 USA: First craft to photograph Jupiter,enter Neptune's orbit and actually exit the solar system
1973 USA: First craft to visit more than one interplanetary body (Mercury & Venus)
1975 USSR: First craft to transmit panoramic television pictures from the surface of Venus
1975 USA: First craft to transmit live pictures from the surface of Mars
1977 USA: Discovered rings around Jupiter, Uranus, and Neptune, numerous new moons, and took pictures looking back from more than 4 billion miles out
1985 European Space Agency: First probe to get close-up color images of the nucleus of a comet (Halley's)
1989 USA: First probe launched from a shuttle (Atlantis), it was made almost completely from spare parts of other spacecraft
1996 USA: First craft to successfully deploy a rover on Mars

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